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New Forum (this time it's a proper announcement)

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New Forum (this time it's a proper announcement) Empty New Forum (this time it's a proper announcement)

Post by Margatroid Thu Apr 09, 2015 7:50 am

Q: Why have you made a new board?

A: As you can see, the CVW-171 now have a new forum board. The decision was taken because the invisionfree board software on the old forum is so insanely old and out of date (it's from like fucking 2006 bro). Over the last year or so, we've discovered some major bugs on our old board software. The bugs in question had been fixed on newer versions of Zathyus' forum board software Zetaboards. However, to upgrade to Zetaboards, we had to have access to the root administration account which none of us had access to. Thus, we have made a new board. The new board is phpBB3 because phpBB3 is more awesome.

Q: So, what's going to happen to the old board?

A: The old board still exists at the same domain it always has,, but has been archived in a read only state. Only CVW-171 members will be able to access it and read it and no-one (including the members) is able to actually post on it anymore in order to keep it in a preserved state.

Q: So I guess everything is happening on this board now, right?

A: Yeah. The applications for example are no longer happening on the old board or the YSFHQ recruitment topic. Instead, the applications are happening here on this new board. It also means you can send us your hate-mail in The Mess Hall again.
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